Connecting world-leading suppliers and forward-thinking manufacturers to navigate Industry 4.0.

The ITUSA Experience

The targeted, 3-day event will focus on how industrial transformation affects, benefits, and challenges manufacturers. While many events are adding some aspect of IIoT, 5G, cobots and digital twins, your customers cannot learn what they need to traverse the journey with a nominal nod at an existing trade show or website. To successfully navigate this transformation, they need a focused event — dedicated to their success — and yours. Interested in becoming an exhibitor? Reach out to Don Berey at

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Who Will Be There

  • Automotive
  • Food & Beverage
  • Aerospace
  • Medium-Sized Manufacturers
  • Heavy Machinery and Equipment
  • Job Shops
  • Energy / Oil & Gas

Focus Technology Areas

Automation & Robotics

Cobots, Industrial Robots, Robotic Process Automation, Picking & Packing, Packaging, Warehousing, Autonomous Guided Vehicles

Industrial Data & AI

Big Data, Cybersecurity, Cloud, Data Collection/Analytics/Science, Predictive Decision-Making, AI, ML, Deep Learning, EDGE Computing, Predictive Maintenance, Visualization, ERP, MES, S&OP, FSM, Elastic Infrastructure, Application Performance Management

Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation & Supply Chain Software

IIoT & Connectivity

Internet of Things, Connectivity, Sensors, 5G, Edge Computing, Predictive Maintenance, Track & Trace, RFID, Visual Management, IT/OT Convergence, Interoperability, Digital Twins

Smart Infrastructure

Enabling technologies are integrated with physical infrastructure in order to achieve real-time monitoring, efficient decision-making and enhanced service delivery. Everything that underpins the technology in your operations.

Supporting Partners

Key Considerations

Why Indianapolis?

  • Central to Midwest manufacturing — Industrial Transformation USA will draw from eastern Ohio and Pennsylvania to Minnesota and Missouri — and more.
  • Indiana is the second largest auto manufacturing state. Indiana\’s other sectors include pharmaceuticals, medical devices, automobiles, electrical equipment, transportation equipment, chemical products, rubber, petroleum, coal, and factory machinery.
  • Attendees and exhibitors want to meet in a location that’s less expensive, so they are able to bring more of their team.
  • 60% of US Manufacturing is in the midwest with 76,162 facilities and 4,330,643 jobs.

Total Manufacturing Market Company Distribution by Region

Attracting Attendees

Industrial Transformation USA will be created by your customers, leveraging our Attendee Advisory Board to create the content and experience they need, the campaign will be augmented by:

  • Top Attendee Program — nominate your top customers and prospects
  • Targeted email campaign to the over 50,000 loyal customers of HANNOVER MESSE USA
  • Robust Social Media Campaign leveraging our national and international partners
  • Webinar campaign allowing your company to get in front of potential customers via the Industrial Transformation USA platform

Connect with New Customers


Lead the conversation about what’s next with buyers, demonstrate your products and technologies, and reaffirm your company as a thought leader in this industry.

Stand Out

Stand out in the mix of top industry suppliers with an easy-to-use marketing toolkit that includes a customized landing page, personal branded invitations, promo codes and more.


Take advantage of the opportunity to present at the Industrial Transformation USA Solutions Theater, powered by the Smart Factory Institute, to distinguish your solutions even further.


Treat buyers to an unforgettable experience with exclusive access to the Industrial Transformation USA VIP Program to connect together while getting quality time for critical conversations.

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